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TOYT056: Lancelot – 7am In The Afternoon

Toy Tonics delivers a surprising new record. A guest appearance from Australian DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Lancelot.

The kid is on the roll: Most recently Lancelot’s „Mover“ EP on Waze & Odyssey’s ‘W&O Street Tracks’ got the nod from acts like Bicep („impressive and addictive track“), Paul Woolford („Reminds me of Mood II Swing at their dubby best“) and Mr G. He was invited to play at Boiler Room London and toured across the UK, Europe, United States and Asia.

His new EP for Toy Tonics is a bit different – a three track collection of dense, eccentric house music. Title track „7AM In The Afternoon“ is a journey paying homage to the witching hour. „Again & Again“ plays tug of war with bassline semitones while „Lorikeets“ flutters with warm stereo delayed synths.

Alongside his Toy Tonics release, this summer Lancelot will also be sharing new material and remixes on Freerange, Ninja Tune’s ‘Counter’ imprint and ‘W&O Street Tracks’.

RELEASED 2016-06-27


TOYT053: Black Loops – Cassette EP

Here comes a new BLACK LOOPS EP including remixes by munich based COEO and Neovinyl’s CARLO. They go smooth this time. Rhodes pianos, some jazzy chords, a rolling beat.
The two guys know how to make a swinging loop. And they got style. No wonder as one is a funk drummer – Riccardo – who lives in Berlin and the other – Gabriele – makes his money as a photographer living in Milan. Every two months they meet in Riccardo’s studio space in Berlin Kreuzberg and jam for a few nights and days. Doing new tracks, mixtapes, loops. Djing in local bars and clubs.

RELEASED 2016-06-06


TOYT052: Mushroom House EP1

This MUSHROOM HOUSE EP is the first release in a series of EP’s that will feature tracks from the new wave of weirdo house that is influenced by ethno, afro, psychedelic music. On this first 4 track EP you get new music from ALIEN ALIEN aka Italian producers Rodion & Hugo Sanchez with an Detroit techno kind of track with mushroomey space voices that drive a dancefloor crazy. (Alien Alien previously released on Turbo, Nein, Slow Motion, Gomma). Then Australian surfer kids and house producers JAD & THE LADYBOY doing a afro heavy old school MPC house jam. (Jad released also records on Exploited and Toy Tonics). Gomma boss MUNK is featured with the high in demand Rebolledo Version of SURF SMURF and as a bonus track you get the legendary DJ KOZE remix of WHOMADEWHO’s Keep me in my plane. Releases some years ago, three times repressed and sold out. Sounding now fresher then ever.

The MUSHROOM HOUSE series features mostly new tracks, produced exclusively for TOY TONICS.


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TOYT049: Zhut & Kapote – So Damn Hot

ZHUT & KAPOTE are part of that new wave of Berlin producer kids that are doing dirty, funk-based house music. Max Graef, Session Victim, Hodini… There is a growing scene of producers that do dance music that is far away from that 90ies techno revival sound that has become kind of a Berlin tourist cliche. These new kids love old jazz vinyl, MPC-productions and old synths. They want a warm, nasty sound that has it’s roots in soul music – not in Ableton Live standard Deep House sound setups.

Kapote already released an EP and some edits on Toy Tonics, while Zhut is part of tech-funk group Black Loops. The boys combine old, rare samples from the 1970ies with their own way of playing live drum machines and their fucked up synthesizers. It’s jazzy, funky house music. Reminding certain records from the french wave like La Funk Mob or Versatile and the music of American maestros like Paul Johnson or Detroit’s Red Planet.


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Toy Tonics Podcast #4

Some of the recent Toy Tonics releases in one mixtape! Mixed by labelhoncho Kapote. Including the brilliant remixes by our friends from Session Victim, Legowelt, James Curd and mastermind Hodini from Berlin’s Oye Records crew. You can hear new stuff by the kids from the growing Munich scene of soul-house: Former Gomma records employees Rhode & Brown and our label superstars COEO. The COEO kids have been no.1 on Traxsource and Juno for several weeks with “Back in the days”. Also worth to mention are the guest releases by Pezzner, Alixander III from Azari & III and Sacha Robotti & Zombie Disco Squad with their more vintage techno sound. Made on old machines, creating a vibe that has that certain crisp aesthetics that we love so much at Toy Tonics. Of course also Kapote himself is featured on the mix with his MPC house sample tracks.

1. COEO – Back In The Days
2. Rhode & Brown – Whistleblower (Hodini Rework).
3. Kapote – Fuck Music (Session Victim Remix)
4. COEO – +++
5. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Noche
6. Rhode & Brown – Tunnel Woman
7. Chez Moon – Don’t Need You Anymore
8. Sacha Robotti & ZDS – Shaky
9. Alixander III & Marsupials – Broken Promises
10. Uabos – Emergency Call (Legowelt Remix)
11. Chez Moon – Don’t Need You Anymore (James Curd Remix)
12. Shaw Man – Lips (Kapote Edit)
13. Pezzner – Autosave My Love (Radio Edit)

TOYT048: Kapote – Luftikuss

Toy Tonics come up with a new EP by German freaky wunderkind KAPOTE. Two tracks that combine orchestral sounds, choirs, balinese xylophones with a straight, but never aggressive house beat. Coming with two remixes by British Techno legend MARK E

You might think about Metro Area’s classic album from 2001 when you hear this, as well as the more accessible side of 1990ies Warp records. Still: there is no real retro sound here. Kapote’s music is quite futuristic. It’s always has kind of a swing feel, uses chords and melodies that come from the big universe of jazz harmonics and are much more complex that what you are used from usual dance records. Kapote is special. He is the funky kid. Get ready for more Kapote in 2016 on Toy Tonics.


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TOYT047: Metropolitan Soul Museum – Tesla EP

The latest Toy Tonics release comes straight from London with a remix by Germany’s finest TUFF CITY KIDS.

Metropolitan Soul Museum or MSM are Nick & Filippo. The pair have been running together Nick’s Teng Records for the past 3 years – the label was set up to release Nick’s Akra project music as well as other artists. Heads will remember this great imprint. Always crossing borders. Never being boring. Nick was also part of Mock & Toof, a duo that had quite a buzz when they were releasing freaky house music just few years ago.

MSM have had a good start already: they self-released their “Ruff Trk 4″ a few months ago – including a remix by ROUND, the guy from Talabot’s Hivern Discs. The interesting thing about MSM is also their live act: Playing with 707, Vintage keys, Machine and various effects – a similar set up for their studio production brought on the dance floor. There will be a lot more to come from MSM. This is just the beginning.

RELEASED 22 Feb 2016

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TOYT046: COEO – Back In The Days

COEO are to Toy Tonics records, what Master at Work were to the House scene of the 1990ies: They bring the Soul into the House. Their new EP “Back In The Days” is a 4 track house stomper that could have been made in 1997 by guys like Sneak, Dimitri from Paris or Little Louie. But still the similarities to the new Berlin Sample- House scene around Max Graef and Hodini are evident, too. Already their last years’ superhit NATIVE RIDDIM included some heavy jazz samples they found in their parents’ bag of soul. Native Riddim has been no.1 in the Traxsource charts for several weeks and was the basis for their already huge following. From Laurent Garnier to Tensnake – the feedback has been awesome. Now they proceed their way of soulful house. Just good taste.

RELEASED 25 Jan 2016

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TOYT051: Mona Lazette – Pressure Pressure

Mona Lazette is one of the most interesting new vocalists in the electronic music scene. Raised in London Brixton, living in Berlin.

This is her first solo appearance as Mona Lazette, after she has appeared on records by Kele (Bloc Party), Catz ‘n Dogz, Munk and Argy. It’s house, yes. But not the usual deep house Ableton kind of mainstream sound you get to hear everywhere these days, but a more black music influenced, soulful type of 4 to the floor music.

It’s has a certain Jay Dilla feel to it, but could also have been made in Paris end of the nineties. Produced by Mathias Modica/Munk – based on a sample from the 1970 jazz funk scene, that some might remember because a certain hip hop group used it 20 years ago, too.
Remixes come from Jad & The Ladyboy, The Rhythm Odyssey from Golf Channel/New York (The boy used to be Chicken Lips before!) and Art Of Tones.


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TOYT044: Rhode & Brown – Tunnel Woman

Vintage House freaks and soul kids: Rhode & Brown from Munich are back on Toy Tonics with a great, funk driven, instrumental EP. Featuring a remix by upcoming producer Hodini.

Rhode & Brown come from the growing young, new house scene of Munich. Since 3 years the kids host their own night at Munich’s Kong Club and doing music. After a few remixes (check the one for Brooklyn based label Good Company Records) the boys release their first EP of 2015 on Toy Tonics. The sound? They proudly call it Weißwursthouse produced on a Stradivari-build MPC 1000 in their beautiful studio in the heart of Munich. Influenced by old soul records, Detroit legends Theo Parrish and Moodymann, as well as new experimental house from the Scandinavian labels around Studio Barnhus. Everything with their own unmistakable Rhode & Brown touch.


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